A configuration utility for Nethack 3.4

After reading the reviews of the Falcon'sEye port of Nethack on LinuxGame Tome News I saw a need for an easier way to configure Nethack. Well, after a few weeks of messing around with autoconf scripts, here it is! Now configuring Nethack is as easy as typing 'configure'.


03/29/2006 (version
07/26/2004 (version
12/09/2003 (version
09/01/2003 (version
05/10/2003 (version
03/01/2003 (version

How to use this utility

Simply type 'configure --help' to get a list of options that are currently supported. No more having to edit config.h to get rid of the sinks or whatever else. You can
also build Nethack now in a seperate directory from the source.

Graphic options

Auto-Nethack has been tested with the Qt , Gnome, GTK+, X11 and tty interfaces. Appropriate checks are done at configure time to ensure you have the required files for whatever version you are compiling.

Operating systems supported

Right now, this has only been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOS X. If you try it on another system, and it works, PLEASE e-mail me with the details of your system, ie. the OS, graphic package, any special flags you needed to use. Please put something in the subject of the message to identify this as an Auto-Nethack related message.

Thanks to Ben McIlwain for a helpful note on compiling under MacOS X:
add the flag --build=mac to your configure command


This project is covered under a dual-license. First, all the files that I have created from scratch are covered under the GPL. The files that have been modified to work with this project are still covered under the Nethack General Public License.

Getting the program

The current version is and can be downloaded here.

How this relates to Nethack

I have asked the Nethack developers (via the webpage feedback) if this project could be incorporated into the main Nethack code. I have yet to receive a response. If you find this useful, maybe your voice would be heard more than mine.


I'd like to know if anyone is using this, if they found it useful, etc. I can be reached here. Logo


I have not opted in for SourceForge donations. However, if you would like to make a donation, I would request it go to the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer. My mom died of this disease in October, 2003, and this foundation could use your money more than I could. Thanks.

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